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Customer Testimonials

Cays Engineering

“Cays Engineering is a steel fabrication company with an excellent reputation and extensive expertise
in the fabrication of medium to heavy plate work which is essential in the fabrication of mechanical
items such as rock breakers and shuttle conveyors.

Cays engaged Wittenbaker Engineering Services to carry out specialised in-situ machining of
sole and bearing housing plates to meet stringent design tolerances and tight delivery schedules.
Throughout the project they continually demonstrated their attention to detail by operating their
own bespoke designed and built equipment, producing the most accurate on-site milling & lineboring
in a safe and timely manner. They have met and complied with Cays quality standards and
provided all Quality Assurance documentation such as Inspection Test Planning and Dimensional

Cays pride themselves on a commitment to quality, integrity, innovation and teamwork. We always
strive to establish relationships with like-minded companies of which Wittenbaker have proved
themselves to be. We have found them professional, reliable and accommodating, maintaining the
highest standard of workmanship throughout all our dealings.
Cays would not hesitate to recommend them for similar works and look forward to developing our
relationship in the future.”


Brevini Australia Pty Limited

“We have been conducting business with Wittenbaker Engineering Services (WES)
since 2011 and we have always found them to be a good company to do business
with. Their products and services have been used by us for a number of years now
and we trust that they can perform professionally, accurately and punctually on any
contract they enter into.”