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Horizontal Borers

CNC Horizontal Borer with B-axis (rotary table) this machine is ideal for the expert machining of Gearbox housings, it allows WES to machine all bores, faces and drill all holes in one job setup, in turn allowing us to achieve the highest accuracy and bore alignment to ensure a superior quality finished product.

  • Machining Envelope: 2000mm X 1800mm X 1700mm

  • Capacity: 4000mm X 4000mm X 4000mm – up to 8T

  • Rotary B Axis accurate to .001deg

  • Milling to machine capacity

  • Drilling and threading: 1mm – machine capacity

CNC Milling

10 CNC Milling Machines

  • Machining Envelope: 6200mm X 2000mm X 1500m Up to 5T

  • Milling to machining envelope

  • Drilling and Tapping: 1mm – your requirements.

CNC Lathes

7 CNC Lathes

  • Machining Envelope Swing: 760mm

  • Machine Capacity: Diameter 450mm X Length 3500m

  • Turning, milling, drilling and threading to machining envelope

  • Automatic bar feeders