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Bogie Wheels – Crane Wheels

Our drive to create the best has led to the production of WES Bogie Wheels (or rail/crane wheels) manufactured well above the industry standard. Our precision machining and breakthrough heat treatment technology allows us to produce wheels at the RTIO (Rio Tinto Iron Ore) standard. One of only two companies worldwide and the only company outside of North America to offer this.

Crane and rail wheels are critical components that operates in a very demanding environment, WES has been working with our customers on extreme applications improving load carrying capacity and material selection up on application all in accordance with international standards such as DIN 15090, DIN 15070, AS 1418 and ASME.

We can happily coordinate shipping to your location anywhere in the world allowing anyone to take advantage of the reduced maintenance and breakdown costs associated with operating stronger, more reliable wheels.

WES wheels will keep you operating longer, reducing the time and labour costs involved in maintenance and repair.